Igbimọ Alufaa Gbogbogbo (APC) lojọ ni aṣiṣe ti o jẹ ipo kan nipasẹ alagba ti alàgbà, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, lori iwa iwaagbe gbogbogbo 2015.

Yakassai, had the weekend alleged on how the 2015 general election was rigged in the North in favour of the APC.

Yakassai revealed the electoral fraud to journalists when he led the newly formed Northern Leaders Stakeholders Assembly to former Military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida in Minna, the Niger State capital.

Speaking in Niger State on the election, he cited instances of manipulation in the elections.

He said: “When the electronic voting was introduced, I was in support of it but I observed what happened in the 2015 general election and I changed my mind.

“This is because it was religiously observed in the southern part of the country, but it was not so religiously observed in the northern parts of the country. It was from that moment that I began to have some reservations about the electronic voting pattern.

“There are many ways of rigging election. What happened in 2015 where the majority of southerners resident in the north were scared away from their places of residence, where they had registered, to their place of origin and therefore could not have the opportunity to vote, was rigging.

“Again, some of the southerners, who did not run away were afraid to come out and vote on the day of election. So, scaring people from coming out to vote for the candidates of their choice is also a form of rigging.”

But in a reaction yesterday, APC former Deputy National Chairman, Engr. Segun Oni, said those criticizing the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari were holding straw.

According to Oni, who was at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja to obtain his Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms, the past administration of the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party, was voted out for its clueless and senility.

Oni, who was a governor on the platform of PDP in Ekiti State, said PDP was noted for stealing and looting.

Asked to react to the Yakassai’s position on card reader in the 2015 general elections, Oni said, “I want to say that, that is not true.”

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